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German great dane puppies from Herstallturm

Our puppies are at the levy all on several occasions and, vaccinated and chip cards. They have an EU passport, as well as FCI-papers. In addition, you receive from us a startpackage. This includes a height-adjustable feeding dish, a collar, a leash, as well as food and a food recommendation for the first few weeks. The first time you should benefit from a Dane puppies come, we recommend the book "The Great Dane" by Dr. Horst Hollensteiner. Mr Hollensteiner explains how and impressively on the coexistence with a Great Dane. The puppies were in the last few weeks before the tax already to children, dogs, cats and other pets. We therefore need a foundation stone was laid for the future coexistence with them, and we also hope that the puppies in a new good home away from home!