Sperm Consignment our males wolrdwide

For foreign interested parties in our males we offer the cost-effective alternative of Sperm consigment. SpermboxThe Sperm will be extracted by the vetenary and will be put into a specified tub together with dilution and yolk (nutrition for the sperm). The fresh sperm is then durable for 10 days. Furthermore you have the possibility to receive frozen sperm which will be of course longer durable. The products for the durability are produced by a specalised laboratory (see picture). The box is composed of polystyrene and two separate boxes for the thermal pack as well as two boxes or the transportation of the sperm tubes.

Advantage of the artificial insemination

- No stress for your female, as she will stay in her known environment. Therefore there willl be no shifting of ovulation
- No expensive travel costs
- There is no holiday needed


- Fee for covering
- Transporation costs according to UPS list (within EU there is a 24 hour Service)
- Box including dilution and thermal pack